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Vadolibero Bike Shelf Side Unit

Italienische Designmöbel mit Clou für Fahrradliebhaber

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Conceived to display the bicycle at home or in the office in a way that is both spectacular and functional, Bike Shelf is a new take on the book-shelf concept, turning it into a stage. It is an oak wood organiser with lines so clean that can easily adapt to every type of ambience, with a surprising climax detail: the clothes rack - shaped as a handlebar - is in fact a LED lamp. And when evening comes, it casts an evocative light on your bike frame. The base can hold every size and kind of bicycle, thanks to a stainless steel adjustable wheel clamp that fits any wheel and handlebar width; in the lower compartment, furnished with a big drawer, you can store everything you need to go biking, whether it is an urban ride or a mountain bike trip. Bike Shelf has a modular structure: you can customise it by adding one or more big drawers, cross partitions and small drawers. And if you still need more space, you can add a side unit, that comes with 4 shelves. The stainless steel clothes rack is equipped with 2 leather hooks to hang the helmet or other accessories; moreover, Bike Shelf is provided with 8 solid oak poles that you can arrange as you like in the holes on the side panel. And if you want to do a bit of bike maintenance, you can use the provided black rubber mat, stains and scratches-proof. Designed to guarantee the easiest assembly, Bike Shelf comes in 2 oak wood matte shades: natural or dark brown.


  • height 200 cm
  • width 200 cm
  • handlebar 238 cm
  • depth 60 cm
  • weight 125 kg (4 pieces packaging)
  • side unit: 200 x 50 x 60 cm



birch blockboard with matte natural oakwood or matte wenge tinted oakwood veneer, stainless steel LED lamp, solid oak wood poles, stainless steel wheel clamp, leather hooks; upon request, multi-layered birch drawers and oakwood side unit with multi-layered birch shelves